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Instructions for authors

The IZA Journal of Labor Policy covers all aspects of labor policy, including empirical, theoretical, and institutional approaches discussing concrete issues that are of value for policy formulation and decisions. A central theme of the IZA Journal of Labor Policy is the analysis of the role and effects of labor policy in influencing socio-economic outcomes. In addition, the IZA Journal of Labor Policy publishes studies that synthesize existing research to draw policy conclusions or suggest new frameworks for thinking about labor policy issues.

Subject areas include evaluation of labor market programs (included but not limited to active labor market programs) and educational or other interventions that affect labor market outcomes, analysis of the relationship between institutions and labor market outcomes, and all public policy aspects of labor, education, welfare and related social policies, and retirement, including effective policy implementation. Studies of labor policy issues from developing, transition and developed economies are also welcome. It is important to note that the IZA Journal of Labor Policy does not exclude European labor policy issues, which are particularly covered by the IZA Journal of European Studies. The IZA Journal of Labor Policy emphasizes global relevance and basic research, while studies published in the IZA Journal of European Studies focus more on practical and immediate policy questions.

The IZA Journal of Labor Policy is central to IZA’s mission of encouraging informed and research-based labor policy debates around the world. In pursuit of this goal, IZA will use its focused workshops to generate contributions. The journal relies heavily on submissions, but also invites articles, especially reviews or syntheses of literature to try to reach policy conclusions – a very important type of research that is undervalued at traditional journals. The IZA Journal of Labor Policy welcomes substantive comments on the articles we publish.

The IZA Journal of Labor Policy belongs to the family of field journals in the IZA Journal Series with Springer, also including: (i) the IZA Journal of Labor Economics, (ii) the IZA Journal of Migration, (iii) the IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, and (iv) the IZA Journal of Labor & Development. Each journal publishes 24 articles per year, where each article should be about 10,000 words (including tables, figures and references).

Each article type published by IZA Journal of Labor Policy follows a specific format, as detailed in the corresponding instructions for authors; please choose an article type from the list on the left to view the instructions for authors.

The instructions for authors includes information about preparing a manuscript for submission to IZA Journal of Labor Policy, criteria for publication and the online submission process. Other relevant information about the journal's policies, the refereeing process and so on can be found in 'About this journal'.

IZA Journal of Labor Policy publishes the following article types:

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Corresponding authors are asked to declare that they have observed the IZA Guiding Principles of Research Integrity.

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